Sunday, July 2, 2017

Camp 2017

Three down, one to go.

This was Harrison's first year at camp! It was a weekend camp with a parent. Phillip got to have the special weekend with his son.

I dropped Jonathan and his friends off at camp and a different parent brought them home (yay for carpooling!). I don't know why my camera took this weirdly-colored photo. Maybe it was overheated from the long drive. 

Phoebe and Charlize have been camp buddies for 3 years now. The first year, they didn't talk to one another for months after camp was over. I'm chuckling to myself over this right now, knowing the two of them. But they worked it out eventually and have been close friends since then. 

Harrison and the neighbor's slip'n'slide. I love this neighborhood because everyone shares what they have. The trampoline next door, popsicles or juice drinks, basketball goals.... 

Liz will be going to CIY in a couple of weeks. She'll be the last camp-goer. 

Our prayer for the kids while they're at camp is that they will learn something new about God and make close friends (and be friends) who point one another to God. 

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