Friday, October 17, 2014

Cabbage Whites IV

We've been watching these cuties grow. They start out very tiny, blending into their leafy food. They've been hatched about a week and some are over 1 cm now.

Phoebe got a picture of the PDF instructions we're using from our iPad.

Poking holes in the Brussel Sprout Barns.

 Filling film canisters with sand to weigh them down so they can hold 
brussel sprouts that are stuck on furniture tacks.

 We looked at a radish leaf and frass (caterpillar waste) through a microscope.

 Here's the centimeter-long larvae.

They should pupate in here.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Cabbage White Butterflies III

This week was low-key because we had some sick kiddos.

The butterfly eggs arrived from Carolina Biological Supply Wednesday morning. 

They were on a piece of tape inside a little vial which was taped to instructions. The delivery guy was  skeptical about the whole thing when I told him he was delivering butterfly eggs. Neither of us were aware that they were instead a hard plastic tube and therefore safe.

Our radish plants grew!

We (carefully) cut the tape into pieces and lay them egg-side down on the radish leaves.
They hatched after a couple days. I've found three caterpillars on our plants. They're very tiny and blend in with the leaves, so they're hard to see. But you can see the holes in the leaves from them eating away.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cabbage White Butterflies II

A few weeks ago, we made butterfly houses for the Cabbage White butterfly eggs that will be arriving soon. This past week we made bottle growing systems and planted our Brassica nursery.

Here's where we hang out while Elizabeth is in science class at HAAC Day (Homeschool Arts and Academics Class). Little Emily was happily buried in gravel by Harrison and Phoebe.

 After HAAC is over, we come to our house for our own Trav/Gore co-op. 

These are Brassica nurseries planted last week to make sure it would really work. I would hate to get butterfly eggs in the mail and their food not be ready for them. 

 The kids also planted their own nursery. We used radish seeds. Radish is a fast growing Brassica. Once the eggs hatch, the little larvae will eat up the leaves of the radish plant. Then we'll transfer them to a Brussel Sprout Barn. 

Broccoli and Radish ~ two types of Brassicas. Kale, turnips, cabbage, brussel sprouts.... basically anything that has that bitter taste to it..... is a Brassica. 

 Making a bottle growing system with a wick which will water the plant by capillary action. 

And in case I haven't used the term enough in this post...... Brassica, Brassica, Brassica.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Must I?

The title space tells me to "POST TITLE" and I don't feel like thinking of a clever title. Not that I usually do...... 

Last day to swim at the local pool. 
We got there early and had to hang out in the woods. 

 Phoebe's soap beard. She's obsessed with beards. 
I don't know why.

 Phoebe and I went to an A Cappella night at church. She's the only one of the family who was interested in going, so we had a fun little night together. There were a variety of groups: soulful, harmonious, quartet, choir. Very enjoyable!

 Phoebe's fingers frame my face nicely. Good picture taking, honey.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good Times

Harrison's first time on an airplane this past week. 

"Will the sun burn up the airplane?" 
"No, son."
"Good, 'cause I don't want to die."

"Will we fly to the end of the world?"
"No, son."
"Good, 'cause I don't want to die."

"We're going down!" (what he shouted as we were landing)

"They broke the wings!" (flaps up for drag for the landing)

(*A reminder that you can click on a picture to see it up close*)

He says Phoebe taught him this. It's a peace wave.

We're just arriving in Orlando. 
The guys are renting vehicles for the crew of 14.

You forget how much water Florida has if you've been living in a dry land. The kids loved the fountains. And I think one of them may have removed some wishing-well money.
Tsk, tsk. Whose child is that anyway?

This was the most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen. 
And we could see it from end to end while we were on the ferry.

I hope George doesn't mind that I practiced selfies with him in the background.

 Our old neighbors came to see us from Jacksonville. What a sweet treat! And Mrs. Peggy and Just Janet came to see us also. Hopefully someone got a good picture of them ~ all of mine were blurry.

This was a picture taken 6 years ago with the same crew (and some extra neighbors thrown in). Phoebe has the Nuk in her mouth, Jonathan is behind her and Liz behind him. Harrison wasn't born yet. Samuel and David are in the red jeep hanging off both sides. Kids change so much!

Elizabeth baked a cake for the friend occasion. This called for a blender being stowed away in our carry-on luggage. A blender. We brought a blender to Disney.

And some more sweet friends gave Phillip and I Thursday to ourselves: Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Elaine and Mrs. Ann. Here we are at Rainforest Cafe for supper.

 Our last day and I finally got a few pictures with the family who made it all possible. We sure appreciate their friendship.

 Bubbles while we wait. There wasn't a ton of waiting though. September is supposed to be a slow time of year for Disney, so it was nice to not have long lines. I think the longest we waited in a line was maybe 30 minutes and that was for only a couple rides.

Star Tours was my favorite!!! I rode it 6 times. 
Harrison's fave: Teacups.
Phoebe's fave: Star Tours.
Jonathan's fave: Space Mountain.
Elizabeth's: Star Tours and Soarin'. 

And Jonathan was impressive. He started out on the small roller coasters and kept moving up till he did even the scariest one (I think ~ he may have skipped one of them because Dad wasn't there to talk him into it.)  His dad encouraged him to keep trying and he would and he discovered he like them. Elizabeth and I kept our feet firmly planted on the ground, however. No roller coasters for us!

The littles at "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" play area.

And on our way back home. I told Alisa when we were all slung out at the airport waiting for a plane that it looked like we were coming back from a mission trip. Everyone's tired and worn and just wants to go home.

I guess Harrison did learn that from Phoebe.