Sunday, May 7, 2017

Spring (Summer?) Has Arrived!

It seriously can't decide if it's spring or summer around here! We'll have a really hot and humid day and then a strong wind will come up and bring in jacket weather for a day or two. I personally love the cool weather, especially when I know non-stop hot will soon be here to stay. 

We've got three weeks left of school, and I'm eager for the freedom of summer to get here. Or rather, the change of occupation to get here. There are a number of places to visit and town things to explore along with Spring Cleaning and camps.... So there will be plenty to keep us busy this summer. But it will be a different change of pace. 

The kids got a kite for Easter. We took it down the road to a huge empty lot behind the Catholic Church. It's a great place to catch some wind.

Purple Martin box. 
I'm enjoying these pretty little swallows on evening walks. Birds are so active in the evenings. 

We took a quick visit to an old quarry to look at the layers that were left behind for our special nature study on soil. 

A little visit to see Dad at the coffee shop. 

Phoebe and Harrison went with me to return something at Target, and I let them share a drink from Starbucks.

Elizabeth and I did a Mystery 5K for part of her PE credit. We are neither of us especially good 5Ker's, but we made it out alright. 

Our local pool opened for the first time yesterday! The water was so cold! But it was gorgeous.

Liz celebrated Cream & Sugar Bakery's One Year Birthday. Good job, Liz!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Phoebe Turns 11

Happy Birthday, sweet Phoebes! 

Elizabeth made the cake according to Phoebe's specifications. 
It's a pineapple. I don't know why. It's lemon-flavored.

We had a cozy birthday dinner with gifts and cake on her birthday, and then she and Charlize went to Urban Air over the weekend for her celebration activity. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

San Antonio Zoo

It's been a couple of years since we frequented a zoo. The older kids got quite a few zoo trips in Florida, but since moving to San Antonio, we haven't gone as much. So poor Harrison has not gotten his fill the way the older ones have.
Cactus in bloom!

Phoebe climbing what she can.

We went with the Travis' and a couple of extra kids. 
Emily is such a good little momma.

I need to remember to spend more time in this Kiddie area; we get to it near the end of the zoo trip and the older kids are ready to head home. There's sand and water and several neat things that kids enjoy ~ tents and see-saws and such.

The boys watching the fishes.

Elizabeth allows her little brother a try with the camera.

One of the "extras" the Travis' were watching. The kids loved holding the baby!

Sunday, April 2, 2017


This sweet little girl always gives me a hug and a picked flower when she sees me. She's an excellent reader and will read me whatever book I pick out for her. Elizabeth is making a flower crown for her here in the garage. 

Mimi and Papa are passing through as they head back to Missouri! 

Liz and Phoebe are showing off their Converse. 
Little sister is following in big sister's steps. 

Mr. Louis and Mrs. Sally are a family I grew up with in Louisiana. They had a daughter my age ~ I spent many sleepovers at her house! I remember crawfish boils at their home, staying there once we had moved to WA and would go back to visit, Mr. Louis playing his guitar and harmonica..... Lots of good memories. So they came to San Antonio this weekend and we've gotten to spend some good time with them. 

He's showing the boys how to pick the banjo.

Lunch after church at the Alamo Cafe. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Photography by Liz

by Liz

I just haven't been taking many pictures lately. Liz will be using these flowers to decorate a cake to use in an Instructional Project for her Baking and Pastry Arts course.

by Liz

Elizabeth has been trying her hand at knitted socks. She's working on my pair right now. ;-) 

by Me

Phoebe is working on this space ship for Harrison. She made his helmet and shoes as well. The spaceship is looking a little like A Beautiful Mind ~ she adds to it a little each day.

by Liz

We took a trip to an old bookstore in town. Cheever Books is the name. I've found some gems here; they're not necessarily bargains at all, but you can find some nice older books if you're into collecting older books.

Otherwise, we are mostly living normal life and doing school. We were sick for a couple of weeks back there (the poor kids missed their spring break because of sickness!). Elizabeth is just about finished with Driver's Ed. She'll have several months of driving with us parents and she'll have to turn 16 before she can get her license. 

Night is coming ~ bedtime routines ensue. 
Goodbye for now.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Papa Has a Birthday

 Papa turned 80 a couple weeks ago, and we met up with him and Mimi in Alice, TX to celebrate. 

(Side query: does anyone else like the name Alice? That was my grandma Smith's first name, and I'm partial to it, but it could sound like a mature name instead of for a little girl....)
Harrison and Papa finding toys to play on at the park.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant. Elizabeth made a chocolate cherry cake, Phoebe got him chocolate covered peanuts and Harrison drew him a combine.

And this little guy was from the kids' first crawfish boil! Right here in our neighborhood lives a family whose dad is from Louisiana. They invited us to share their crawfish and sent some home with us (that was my lunch the next day). I think most of the kids tried it, but I don't know that they are as fond of √©crevisse as I am. All the kids in the neighborhood, however, had a great time playing with the live ones before they were boiled. If you ever want to entertain a group of kids for a couple of hours.....

Friday, February 17, 2017

Youngest and Oldest

Harrison lost his two front teeth!

Liz just finished this sweater. I think she only redid it twice. Maybe three times. I can't remember. But it's so pretty!