Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The First Day of our Trip to Louisiana

I love the beauty of the morning as you're driving down the highway. 12 hour drives are a little long. The first 9 hours are okay. Those last 3 are killer. But the freedom-feeling of traveling makes up for long drives.

Breakfast at McDonalds per usual.

We encountered rain at our first rest stop. The kids ran up against the "wall" of rain.

The kids loved the swing Aupa put up in the "family tree".

Most of the Day at The Park

Saturday was a day for the park and fishing and friends and family.

Uncle Gerald kindly washed some of our laundry and lent us his comfortable air mattress.

Mom won't let me get a good picture of her, so this is really the best one I can post. She's cooking up some yummy pancakes for us.

We spent seven hours at this park! I brought sunscreen all the way from Jacksonville and promptly forgot it at Momo's house. So we are sunburnt.


Phoebe was our successful fisherman this time around. She caught two perch (?).

Several friends stopped by and helped us fish. Then my friend Teressa brought her family and friends to have a birthday party for Jayda. Jayda and Elizabeth have a good time together anytime we head over to Louisiana. (Mike, Ton, Cory ~ guess which one is Torrey's little girl?)

There was a hot grill by our pavilion. Teressa's husband had sea salt in his truck (always prepared!). So we cooked up the fish we had caught. Dad and I were the only ones brave enough to eat it.

Church and Friends

We saw lots of old friends at church on Sunday ~ all grown up with kids of their own.

The Perrodins had us over for lunch. Mrs. Kristine made gumbo just for me! Along with pork loin, rice and gravy, corn, salad, garlic bread, purple hull peas, potato salad, and Nettie had made a delicious banana pudding. My parents had bought some boudin' for me already; so I definitely got my Cajun food fix.

True to fashion, the men ate first. Actually, we served the kids first, then the men, then we women got to eat. :-). I know some friends who would just love to share some words about this! I'm not offended by it in the least.

Look at them working hard in the kitchen!

The best part of the day was getting to hear my childhood best friend sing at church that night. Wow, she and Torrey sound good together! There are usually more people in their band (kind of a blue grass feel, she tells me); but I was glad to hear her. I hadn't heard her sing since we were probably ten years old.

Harrison was worn out! He didn't want to get off Aupa's lap once we finally got to Momo's house where we were staying.

Heading Home

I love the sunrises and sunsets you see when traveling. I wish I could show y'all a good picture of the sunrise over the Atchafalaya Basin with mist rising up and the reflection of the sun on the water. Gorgeous.

Harrison is still in his pajamas when we stop for lunch at Wendy's. The kids are teaching him all kinds of new tricks and facial expessions.

Not a lot of pictures on this last day of the trip. Can you tell we were just ready to be home!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

To Cheer Up Papa

The kids each chose a picture to help cheer up Papa while he recovers.

Happy citrus smile captured by Elizabeth on camera.

Jonathan has been putting Lego sets together nonstop! Here's a dinosaur.

Phoebe's choice.

Lovely Elizabeth.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Blessing of Family

Good conversation, good food, the comforting presence of family..... It was wonderful to have Mimi and Papa come to visit!