Wednesday, September 12, 2012


These are only a few of the memories from good-bye get-togethers in Florida. There were several I missed with the camera, but they are good memories nonetheless.

We made good friends in Florida ~ friendships I hope we continue over the miles. I wrote once about all the churches I've been a part of and how many friends I know all over the States and even parts of the world. So many good, sincere people who live faithful lives. And now the Sunshine State is one of those places filled with good memories and blessings. I can look back over the 5 years we were there and see God working in our lives and see how we've grown as a family and individually. Harrison was born, Elizabeth was baptized, our homeschool journey really took off during those years, half our married life took place, both of our vehicles came from Florida......
With the way the world works, I know I'll meet up with some of these people or have connections through them at future times. It's always fun.

So goodbye to the Sunshine and hello to the Lone Star where there is still plenty of sunshine. We'll all meet again.