Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sinker III

We have a new Sinker built by Elizabeth. Last year's can be found here. The first one was built many years ago and was made mostly out of cardboard and didn't last long. Last year's was better constructed but wasn't quite big enough to hold anyone without tipping over. This year's Sinker III had two layers of empty water bottles, plastic wrap, and duct tape and it actually floated the whole time we were at the creek! Water seeped into the duct tape shield eventually, but the water bottles kept it afloat. 

Jonathan found new friends as he is wont to do and they caught crayfish together. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Out of Town Friendship

Phillip and his buddy Cody have been friends for about 20 years. I get all nostalgic looking back through old pictures of our get-togethers over the years. We've never lived near each other, but we try to get the families together when we can. They came to visit this year. Oddly enough, I didn't get a picture of Cody and Phillip ~ just the kids. 

We wanted to do the beach, but it turned out too chilly and drizzly. The zoo got our vote instead: it started out drizzly and busy, but by the time we came out of the reptile house (first stop on the tour), the rain was beginning to let up and all the school kids were loading up in their buses. 

These girls sure like to read. We went to the library twice and they still ran out of books.

Cody's kids had never seen Star Wars, so we had a viewing of the original three. He didn't feel that they needed to watch the prequels. We agree.

My favorite!! Phillip's been getting the yard weeded and seeded and watered trying to make it into a backyard instead of weeds and bare dirt. Jonathan dug a fire pit and circled it with rocks to earn some money. A friend from church gave us some logs and twigs. And we actually got to have a campfire one cool evening! Cody told a Pecos Pete and Texas Slim story (another nostalgic favorite). The kids poked and poked at the fire till we made them put their sticks down. I just love campfires. Campfires at the beach with youth group kids, fires at Grandmas, campfires in the woods on a hike, campfires at college roasting hot dogs at the trestle. 

This has nothing to do with Cody and the kids, but I found the water droplets on the grass to be very pretty this sunshiny morning after the rain. 

A hike at McAllister Park. We saw an armadillo. And lots of cactus. Harrison really took to Emmey. He called her Crazy Girl (Mom, can that crazy girl sit next to me? Goodbye, crazy girl. Do that roller coaster thing, crazy girl.)

The girls made Scottish cupcakes. They were De-elicious. 

We'll miss them. I'm just glad to have these kinds of friendships that last through the years. I'm glad Cody and Phillip have kept up their friendship so our kids can also keep theirs.