Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

Always Projects.....

......going on around here. 

Phillip just finished a digital painting for a book cover. 

And Elizabeth made this ship out of cardboard and felt and skewers. 

We ate with some Missouri friends at Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery in downtown San Antonio. The couple behind us had at least 4 songs sung to them, so we got some free mariachi while waiting for our food. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Time Activities

Last Sunday night was a bonfire at a new friend's home. I Love bonfires. We just don't do enough bonfires anymore. It was perfectly cold ~ there were plenty of snacks and hot cocoa ~ we sang lots of Christmas carols and met new people and talked a little about missions in Haiti. Lovely evening.

We met old friends at the Bass Pro shop on Tuesday. I can't remember ever going to a Bass Pro shop, so it was a new and very fun experience. You don't have to spend a penny and there is plenty to see. The kids did spend a little money at the shooting arcade thing. There were quite a number of people there to see Santa, but the fishing area was empty. The two employees asked us if they could help us. We were just browsing and Alisa said something about the crowd not coming for the fishing gear. One guy said, "This isn't the crowd?" We do have quite the crew when we're together: nine kids and all their gear.

And Elizabeth went to a youth group event that had a dessert competition. She won!! She spent a lot of time on these cupcakes; it was well-deserved.

She and her friend made matching tacky sweaters/poncho. Cutest tacky sweaters I've seen.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Declension of Paper Products

I'm not sure the term 'declension' is correct, but it's a familiar word from Greek class and it seems to fit this situation.

I have wondered for years which is the cheapest paper product (per sheet) to use. When I reach for a paper towel, I wonder if it would be cheaper to grab a Kleenex instead. When I need a Kleenex, I wonder if a square of toilet paper would suffice (and would it be, indeed, cheaper). Weird thoughts, I'm sure, but I finally checked it out while shopping at Walmart today and I thought I'd share my findings for you other weirdos who might wonder the same thing.

Napkins, facial tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels are the four paper products we buy. They make life convenient and even pleasant. Since we splurge on such luxuries, I want to use them wisely. Below are pictures of the specific products we buy. Even though others may buy a different brand at a different price, I'm sure the general 'declension' is the same. 

And so....... from cheapest to most expensive.......... the paper product line-up is!!

1. Toilet Paper at .0037¢ per 2 squares

2. Napkins at .009¢ per sheet

3. Facial Tissue at .0127¢ per tissue

4. Paper Towels at .0156¢ per sheet 

Now I know to grab TP when I need to blot lipstick instead of using a whole Kleenex. And even though paper towels are the most expensive, they are still the best for microwaving bacon; I can wipe up spilled milk with napkins though. This whole process gives me much pleasure, so thank you for indulging this post documenting my findings for future reference (in case I forget). 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Homey Christmas Service and Pajamas

We had a wonderful church service today at a member's home. It was beautifully decorated ~ we sang Christmas carols ~ Phillip preached "Mary's Gift."

And I absolutely love watching my children participate. House church won't last forever, but I sure am enjoying it while we have it. 

The boys are our early risers. They usually get up around the time Phillip and I are eating breakfast. On this Saturday morning, they were up early to watch Even Tube HD or Angry Birds or some such something-or-other.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Filling Time of Year

Our lives are full of dear people this time of year. There are extra events going on and sometimes traveling. The busyness can be tough, but it always brings blessings. 

Elizabeth turned 12. We had a family birthday this year. She did extra schoolwork the day before so she could have her birthday free. Dad took her to the coffee shop with him. We celebrated that night with Boston Cream cupcakes and a movie.

Mimi and Papa were in town, so Phillip and I took advantage of babysitters to go out for a bit. Wild time out on the town! (Panera Bread and Starbucks, baby.)

Our fellow band of believers met at an apartment complex today for church. We had a cozy time with chili and soup and cheesecake afterwards. 

I was in the "nursery" which included our Harrison. Can you believe we have a little 1 year old with us who is also called Harrison Lee? What are the odds.