Monday, June 20, 2016

Scobee Planetarium

We've wanted to visit the local Planetarium for years and we finally made it happen a couple weeks ago.

This is the new space suit that is projected to be used in the Mars Mission. You're supposed to be able to bend your knees and elbows better than in the old one. It also takes a lot less time to put on - twenty minutes as opposed to 2 hours (I could be misremembering that info, but it's close). 

It also hooks right up to the outside of the spacecraft and you can step out of it into the inside of the ship, that way the suit always stays on the outside of the spacecraft. I guess there was a big mess when they brought in moon debris, and they're trying to rectify that problem.

Phoebe and Charlize.

I would recommend going to see the Planetarium. It wasn't very expensive (and teachers got in free in June). The lady who presented the program was very knowledgeable ~ I especially liked the question and answer session at the end ~ you could tell she loved the subject and would answer any questions the kids threw at her. A few constellations, the sun, moon and several planets were looked at during the presentation. The planets would zoom in really big on the dome and spin while the lady pointed out various things and talked about them. That was cool. 

We went to the 7:00 show. We might try to go to the later double feature sometime. Or wait for a new show to be developed and go during the winter months so we can spend time in the observatory. It was closed at this time for repairs. 

Hi, Liz!

A tree begging to be climbed.

Sibling snuggles. Warms my heart. 

Liz was hot after coming in from a walk. I guess we could have put ice down her back, but this works too.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Riverwalk - Starting the Mission Reach

We parked at Steve's Homestead (free spot on a side street ~ it was 8:00 am on a Saturday morning), and started at Johnson St Bridge, just north of E. Guenther St Bridge. 

Jessica went with me. She and her husband are back to town after living away for a few years. 
(Still working on selfies.) 

Cormorants again. 

There were several parks along this section. I want to take the kids back here ~ I think they would enjoy the parks and the River. It was more secluded on this path. There were a lot of bikers and joggers, but there weren't a lot of businesses along this stretch. I'm thinking of biking some of it instead of walking it because it's 7 or 8 more miles (one way) of walking with not a ton to see. 

We were passing right by the Pearl on the way home and so stopped at the Farmer's Market. Excellent  idea! I've never been to this, although I've heard a lot about it. We tried lots of samples and I ended up coming home with Bread and Butter Pickles from this lady.......

...... and garlic bread from this place

And a little music to go with the stroll. 

We ended at ConcepciĆ³n Park. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Harrison is Six and The Boat

Liz went down a short section of Cibolo Creek on her milk jug-duct tape boat. The creek is way up this year. Which means it's about waist deep. We walked the length of it through Cibolo Creek Nature Center a few months back, so we would know what to expect if ever she wanted to take the boat down the river.

Liz is teaching me how to take selfies. When I take them, I end up with a double chin.

And Harrison's birthday party. He turned six. Wow. My little squishy is growing up. 

This is the Kylo Ren balloon he wanted. 
It was quite interesting trying to get the thing blown up at HEB. 

Liz did the decorations and the "cake," which was a giant cookie.

Star Killer Base cookie. 

Harrison being Kylo Ren.

Phoebe's Rey hairstyle and staff, all brought to you by Liz. (She's a maker, if you can't tell.)

Emily and Will and Mrs. Alisa came over. 
Harrison said he wanted to "have Emily over. And maybe the other Travis kids." 

Harrison came with Liz and I to Boerne Lake the next day. He brought the Rush Hour game he received for his birthday and played it while Liz took out the boat. Jonathan and Phoebe haven't been interested in going with us to take out the boat, so it's just been Oldest and Youngest and I. 

I took it for a short spin just to see how it acts. It's a sturdy one. Gives you a workout for sure. 

Liz crossed a short arm of Boerne City Lake. She would love to take sailing lessons here some time. Maybe next year. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Riverwalk and Childhood Memories

I went early in the morning this time, to catch coolness. Traffic was awesome at 7 and 9:30 am. There weren't a ton of people out and about ~ a few.... just enough to say hi to and know that I'm not completely alone out there on the Riverwalk. Joggers and walkers and tourists, construction workers arriving, restaurant employees sweeping and putting out chairs, river workers cleaning up mud and leaves after yesterday's storms. 

This walk kept reminding me of my childhood in Rayne, Louisiana, so this one's for you, Mom and Dad, Mike, Tonya, Cory. 

Not exactly like it, but this reminded me of our old white, column-porched house on West Edwards Street. We could climb out our bedroom windows and sit on the roof. We played on the porch when it rained. We slid down the banister and had all kinds of adventures in that house.

These are just like the spools that my dad brought home from work or some place. These were tables or parts of playhouses or just fun to "walk" on around the backyard. And we had a large one and small one just like this. I think this picture was taken in King William District.

Large crepe myrtle trees. I've seen a lot of crepe myrtles in Florida and here in Texas that are planted in new landscaping, and they are never very large. We had a large one in our yard in Rayne that we could climb, and I noticed the Riverwalk had a lot of large ones also. 

Lots of carvings in this old crepe myrtle, so I went ahead and added another.

A tiny fig tree! 
We had a large one in our backyard. We could climb that tree too ~ it provided a lot of shade in the hot southern summers. During fig season though, the ground would be covered in squishy figs that you had to avoid. I love figs fresh from the tree. It's awesome to be able to go to your backyard and pick food to eat. 

Not ripe yet.

 The section I walked this day was from Jones Ave bridge to Guenther bridge in King William District. About 2 miles. It covered that square section of the Riverwalk that most people visit ~ the one that is near the Alamo and Rivercenter Mall. It's a very pretty section with neat bridges and waterfalls, wooden benches and greenery.

I parked on a side street next to a coffee shop called Rosella Coffee. (Another childhood memory of a good friend named Rosella.) It was packed when I got back to the van, so I'm glad I was there early enough to get a free parking spot. I did step in and get some coffee for the drive home.

This picture isn't so pretty, but I thought it was interesting. There were a bunch of these tiny fish on the sidewalk in one short section. Maybe they somehow got up there from the storm yesterday? There are a bunch of centipedes and snails crawling on them.

Only 9 more miles to go!