Sunday, May 20, 2012

At a Park

We've been going to the park pictured a lot lately. It's about the closest one to our house and we meet up for play dates and appointments of various kinds. There was a closer park we had found, but it turns out a homeless guy lives in the woods close by. It was kind of an interesting story ~ the guy's family owns a parcel of property back in this area and they donated some of it to the city to be made into a park. His parents have moved out of state and he lives in the woods, but everyone in this old neighborhood takes care of him when he needs anything. While the locals from the neighborhood say he is harmless, it's a little weird to show up with no one else around and see him hanging out. And it's back in this neighborhood with no traffic out and about. So I made an executive decision not to go there anymore. The few times I talked to families who were there was pretty cool. There just haven't been any families there lately. I get the feeling they made this park for the neighborhood and too many outsiders aren't welcome. At any rate, this current park has been fun too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Elizabeth got together with Dad to conspire about my Mother's Day gifts. When I left for my usual Saturday morning shopping, Phillip loaded the kids into the van, and they headed to Publix to choose gifts. Harrison chose a balloon (which he won't give up ~ but it makes me happy to see him play with it, so it totally works as a Mother's Day gift). Phoebe chose a box of chocolates (I had had her read the big word on the front a few days before while waiting in line for a prescription). Jonathan picked out a card that was "the perfect card ~ cause it's like a book". He wanted me to read it out loud, but was also embarrassed when I did. Inside he had drawn a picture of him hugging me. Another thing he finds embarrassing. And Elizabeth picked out the roses (pink because the red ones were not very healthy looking). She paid for them herself. Which is no small sacrifice since she's been saving every cent she gets and won't spend her money for anything if she can help it.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Horses and Friends

Harrison calls the horses "Yee Haw". Phoebe is loving her birthday shirt, Mimi and Papa. She wears it just about every day. And she bought the horses and wagon that she and Harrison are playing with from the Western Store, Nana and Aupa.