Saturday, June 28, 2014

Phoebe Camp

We are plenty tired, but Phoebe and I are back from weekend camp at Tanglewood. We were the only ones from San Antonio ~ most everyone else came from Houston area. But Phoebe is very good at making friends and in no time at all had found buddies to hang out with. 

One of her favorite activities was swimming. She jumped off the diving board for the first time. She's extremely graceful like her father and I. Such a natural. The lifeguard finally asked her to stop. She was endangering herself. 

And she enjoyed making a game board for one of the small group activities. She's teaching it to Jonathan right now. And they're arguing. So good to be home.

I enjoyed camp this year. It was cooler with a nice breeze. I enjoyed visiting with everyone who was there ~ very friendly crowd. I loved the woods and the outdoors and being "away from it all." I was tired enough that the bed actually felt good and I slept all night through. And I enjoyed having discussions with Phoebe. They prepared lots of time for parents and children to talk about lesson points, and it was fun to hear Phoebe's perspective or hear her retell the story to me. Oh, yea, and we got to volunteer for a stage/skit thing where we had to eat gross jelly beans. I can still taste skunk in my mouth.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Harrison is Four

A Sunday afternoon at the Texas Transportation Museum and cupcakes at home. He's so easy to please right now!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Swimming so far this year has involved the Travis kids quite a bit. We've had several water balloon fights and neighborhood sprinkler action as well. Lots of water activities for the summer.

The pool being filled with water. 

Cibolo Creek with a revamped Sinker II (or was it III?) which was renamed the Titanic something-or-other.

And the pool is filled!

These two would rather be in there own water container than in a very full pool of crazy swimmers. They stayed in this bucket for almost an hour! With no cross words between them. Pretty amazing.