Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Catching Up on Old Photos

Liz was inspired by Cupcake Wars to make some cupcakes. They were so delicious by the way! I believe she used a cherry compote (which she made), a homemade frosting, and a little gel frosting.

All the cute kid pictures are self-explanatory. They are kids and they are cute!

Elizabeth also chalk decorated our back patio before we moved from Jacksonville. Our only photograph was taken at night (I think the rain washed it out by the next day). I thought it was quite pretty.

And then they all did some crazy hair-do's one night. Their hair was full of mousse and gunk for several days. Nice.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unexpected Blessing!

Jessica, a girl from church, won tickets from a radio station to Women of Faith. It was a last minute win and she asked if I would like to go with her! I've never been and had heard little about it (besides hearing the name around). So Phillip had the kids while I was away this past weekend. And I got to have an awesome time at Women of Faith!

Looking at the website before we left, I had heard of most of the names but didn't really know anyone who was going to be on the big stage.

Ballet Magnificat was probably my favorite part. I loved how the arts were included throughout the program. The Jesus Painters were there also to do a neat progressive story painting that ends as a painting of Jesus.

CeCe Winans ~ how cute and fun is she!? She tells a whole story in her singing. It's like her songs are a journey.

There was a meet and greet included with the winning tickets, so Jessica and I (and two other ladies) got to meet two of the speakers. One was Jennie Allen (she's written some Bible studies and books; her husband is a minister). And the other was Pat Smith, wife of Emmett Smith (who plays football for the Dallas Cowboys; you probably know that ~ I don't keep up with sports, so I was not aware.). She has five kids! And holds ladies retreats and does speaking engagements.

Sheila Walsh (author of "Gigi: God's Little Princess" and other books) was a main speaker. She's Scottish and has the accent! I loved that.

Ken Davis, Angie Smith, Selah (Amy Perry of the group is stinkin' hilarious!), Lisa Harper were all a part.

It was such an unexpected blessing to me ~ a very encouraging weekend with everyone on stage sharing struggles and being real. Jessica and I got to talk quite a bit too; it was fun to get to know her.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stop in Louisiana

On our way to San Antonio a month ago, we stopped in Louisiana for a couple days to be with my mom and Momo and see friends. We went to our usual haunt (Jennings Park) and pet the alligator, played on the island and a little bit at the park. It was pretty hot that day. The kids made a little house out of the tree cover. They made swamp gumbo. Harrison enjoyed going back and forth over the bridge with Nana. Nana wanted to sit in the sun. This girl wanted to sit in the shade. So our conversation was shouted back and forth. Phillip was over here in San Antonio getting the house prepared, so I had several phone calls from him. Thank goodness he got all the issues resolved before we got there!