Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unexpected Blessing!

Jessica, a girl from church, won tickets from a radio station to Women of Faith. It was a last minute win and she asked if I would like to go with her! I've never been and had heard little about it (besides hearing the name around). So Phillip had the kids while I was away this past weekend. And I got to have an awesome time at Women of Faith!

Looking at the website before we left, I had heard of most of the names but didn't really know anyone who was going to be on the big stage.

Ballet Magnificat was probably my favorite part. I loved how the arts were included throughout the program. The Jesus Painters were there also to do a neat progressive story painting that ends as a painting of Jesus.

CeCe Winans ~ how cute and fun is she!? She tells a whole story in her singing. It's like her songs are a journey.

There was a meet and greet included with the winning tickets, so Jessica and I (and two other ladies) got to meet two of the speakers. One was Jennie Allen (she's written some Bible studies and books; her husband is a minister). And the other was Pat Smith, wife of Emmett Smith (who plays football for the Dallas Cowboys; you probably know that ~ I don't keep up with sports, so I was not aware.). She has five kids! And holds ladies retreats and does speaking engagements.

Sheila Walsh (author of "Gigi: God's Little Princess" and other books) was a main speaker. She's Scottish and has the accent! I loved that.

Ken Davis, Angie Smith, Selah (Amy Perry of the group is stinkin' hilarious!), Lisa Harper were all a part.

It was such an unexpected blessing to me ~ a very encouraging weekend with everyone on stage sharing struggles and being real. Jessica and I got to talk quite a bit too; it was fun to get to know her.


Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

So, glad you enjoyed Women of Faith! What an unexpected blessing. A number women from our church really like attending. We have to go to either St. Louis or Kansas City. I have been to St. Louis twice and really enjoyed the speakers.

Lanaya said...

The speakers were great! And it was nice to stay at home instead of a hotel. I will definitely look into going again.