Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

These aren't photos from Thanksgiving; somehow those deleted themselves when I downloaded them.

But we did play Star Wars Trivia (in which Team Dad and Jonathan stomped all over the rest of us; and then Liz finished Phoebe and I off; and then Phoebe felt she lost twice and was doubly upset, especially since her own mother wasn't much of a team player not having the Star Wars knowledge the rest of the family had). And we all had bed head since it was the first thing we did Thanksgiving morning. Perhaps Star Wars Trivia will be a new tradition in our house.

Elizabeth helped me make a new scone recipe, and we headed off that afternoon to some friends from Fleming Island for dinner. They always have so much food! But it was a good time of visiting and eating.

Oh, and guess how much money I saved on Black Friday this year? All of it! I've yet to try the craziness of Black Friday.

He's a Goof!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Staving Off Impishness During Time Off of School

The holidays are upon us and that means there is more unscheduled time for the children. And with the craziness of sweets and candy, seeing new friends and family, moved or missed bedtimes and naptimes, bored or overstimulated children..... well, impishness may be a polite way of saying that our kids are acting like little devils and how could this happen when so many fun and good things are going on for them and around them and didn't we train them better than this?!

A Parent's Review article from 1903 entitled "Suggestions for Holiday Amusements" (by E.A. Parish) shared some great ideas to help this very dilemma. This was written in England, and many times their children would be coming home from boarding school for different holidays throughout the year. We don't have that particular element to deal with in the States, but our family does take about a month off around Thanksgiving/Christmas. Children need some direction ~ if left to their own ways, they may choose idleness; easy thrills (video games, TV, twaddly reading, etc); whining or boredom. I've found that even when we are "off" of school, we need some planned activities to keep the kiddies occupied and their minds engaged.

Now, I don't schedule this necessarily, but I keep a list of possible activities that they might choose from ~things that are not allowed every day~ playdough, special baking, gingerbread houses, cardboard houses, spending hours down at the pond (a recent favorite where they build shelters out of big sticks and birch bark), going to a special park, zoo time, field trips ~ and Christmas time always brings lots of extra activities as well. Engage the kids in helping someone else (service project), work with them on a useful hand-craft, share a family read-aloud at bedtime (there are so many good Christmas stories!), involve them in chores and holiday prep work, have family movie time with classics like "It's a Wonderful Life", play lots of board games, and maybe keep the groove with a little bit of school(!).

Being out of our normal routine always makes me and the kids a little crazy, but holidays are a lot of fun and can give wonderful memories and family bonding time. Especially if you remember that free time around the holidays can still be productive and engaging while being relaxed.

Impish? Or just Cute? :-)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kids at the Corn Maze

This was the first time I've been to a corn maze. I loved the farm part. And the corn. But I didn't "get" the maze. I guess the point is to get lost and find your way out, but they gave us a sheet of questions to answer when we got to certain posts and we were supposed to stay in only half the maze. I enjoyed the walk, but could have done without the extra whatever we were supposed to do. But it really was a great time for me and the kids.

Mimi and Papa Visit

So much fun when Grandparents come to visit! I never get all the pictures I want, but here is a little evidence that they were here in Florida.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Some people are really creative and do a great job with costumes. I, however, just can't seem to want to spend time or money or thinking-effort on them. So what do they wear this year?

Elizabeth thinks about her costume all year long and got a Walmart dress on sale and braided her hair for Rapunzel.

Jonathan just used last year's costume to be Venom.

Phoebe wore Elizabeth's old costume which now fits her pretty well. She was An Old Fashioned Girl although everyone kept saying she was a beautiful princess, and she would loudly and angrily proclaim that she was NOT a princess, etc, etc.

Harrison wore a Super Harrison costume which Liz made by safety pinning a dish towel cape to the back of his shirt and a red H to the front.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Harrison and the Others

Here are some pictures of the family that are on the camera ~ Harrison is the most frequent subject of our photography.