Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Day 2011

These aren't photos from Thanksgiving; somehow those deleted themselves when I downloaded them.

But we did play Star Wars Trivia (in which Team Dad and Jonathan stomped all over the rest of us; and then Liz finished Phoebe and I off; and then Phoebe felt she lost twice and was doubly upset, especially since her own mother wasn't much of a team player not having the Star Wars knowledge the rest of the family had). And we all had bed head since it was the first thing we did Thanksgiving morning. Perhaps Star Wars Trivia will be a new tradition in our house.

Elizabeth helped me make a new scone recipe, and we headed off that afternoon to some friends from Fleming Island for dinner. They always have so much food! But it was a good time of visiting and eating.

Oh, and guess how much money I saved on Black Friday this year? All of it! I've yet to try the craziness of Black Friday.

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