Saturday, December 3, 2011

Homeschooling is Discipleship

I'm slowly absorbing the fact that teaching my children at home is discipleship. Through several books I've read about Charlotte Mason and also reading her "Scale How Meditations" (I highly recommend this inexpensive devotion book!), it's being revealed that all truth (secular or Christian) comes from God. And that all true education can bring a person closer to God. So as I'm teaching the kids the truth of 6 is 5 and 1, observing the simplicity, intricacy and magnitude of nature, touching their souls and mine with thoughts from great minds of literature and history (and so many authors and thinkers center their thoughts on heavenly things), allowing God-given creative juices to flow and inquisitive minds to wonder..... as these things happen during official school time, I can also bring these truths into the light of God because He is truly the Source. God's Word is definitely a part of school, but discipleship can happen throughout all of their learning ~ not just Bible time.

Constantly pointing out God in everything or forcing connections does not seem a natural method of discipling, but rather having an attitude of noticing divine truth and perhaps making a concise point a time or two throughout the day can help children begin meditating on God daily.

Realizing that teaching is discipling has helped me not rush through each subject just to get to the next so we can get it all done that day. It helps me think more of Christ throughout the day. It is changing my attitude toward homeschooling from one of input/output to one of relaxed converstation, thoughtfulness, observation, and leading little ones to God.

How happy I am to find that this CM education that we engage in has brought me closer to God and brings my children's thoughts into a higher realm and touches our souls.


Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

Enjoyed reading your thoughts on teaching. I would that all children had you or someone like you as their teacher. Am thankful my grandchildren are so blessed. Love the picture of Jonathan and Harrison!

Jennifer Clouse Photography said...

Amen to that! It is so worth the effort and time!

Kim @ Homestead Acres said...

So true! It is so worth the time and effort.

amy in peru said...

"...rather having an attitude of noticing divine truth and perhaps making a concise point a time or two throughout the day..."



thanks, lanaya.