Saturday, August 23, 2014


You know you're in Texas when.....

~ you encounter the "Don't Slow Texas Down" sign and 75 mph speed limits.

~ everyone drives crazy (see above).

~ you can't read billboards because they're in Spanish only.

~ boots with shorts are common.

~ cowboy hats sit on dashboards of big ole pickup trucks.

~ HEB is the only grocery store in town.

~ you know and appreciate Buc-ee's.

~ the Texas lone star is a regular part of home decor.

~ dust. Just dust. And dirt. Everywhere.

~ squeaky bats are a welcome sight every evening cause you know they're eating those pesky mosquitos.

~ summertime goes from March through October.

~ it's a hundred degrees outside and people are saying, "Wow, this is cool year."

~ Sam Elliott-like voices and guitar music are called for in local commercials.

~ Country Legends radio station regularly boasts of their helping to give George Strait his start. (And aren't we all glad they did?!)

~ "Rain" is in the top 10 prayer requests at church.

~ you've sited coyotes, road runners, black widows, and scorpions. And a dead wild pig on the road. And longhorns.

~ Texas' flag is often flown higher than the American flag. Or just flies on its own. I've never seen a state flag so popular. It is a good looking flag, I'll give 'em that.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sharing Ice Cream

A rare siting of siblings sitting next to each other. 
By choice. 
Without fighting. 

 And dad manipulating his daughter into sharing her self-paid-for ice cream. 

 Elizabeth's chocolate cherry cake that she made at Phillip's request.

West Texas

We spent a couple of days with some friends at their ranch near Sabinal, TX. It's dusty and sweaty and absolutely wonderful. 

 Mrs. Alisa had pity on Harrison on our walk and carried him for a bit.

 These two. 

 Harrison and Emily are a couple months apart. They get along really well, especially for how reclusive Harrison can be. One time they were at our home for supper and Harrison dropped all his food off of his plate onto the floor. He stood there shocked, mouth hanging open, just staring at the food. Emily hears his gasp and comes running. She quickly begins to pick up all the food, put it back on his plate and throw it away. It was just. So. Perfect! That is typical of their relationship right now.

Tuesday morning we went to Garner State Park. The river was a perfect depth for splashing and playing and paddle boating. It started spitting rain and rumbling thunder toward lunch time. While we were packing up, I saw a kid coming up from the river to his mom. He was mumbling to her - I'm guessing about how they had to get out of the water because of thunder and lightening. She started up from her chair and in the best Southern Preacher imitation she orated, "The Lawd sends the rain! And He knows what's best! And you kids better stop thinking everything's about ya'll constantly!" She had me under conviction before it was all over. 

Dinner together. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Peanuts, A New River and A New Dessert

We were given a bag of peanuts in the raw. Soak in salt water for 5 hours. Dry in the sun for a couple of days. Bake at 350 for 20 or so minutes. Crack and separate shells from nuts. And we have lovely peanuts to snack on during the school day.

We found another river area in which to play. This one our neighbors call The Falls. 

 Our unique anniversary dessert that Elizabeth created for us. All homemade: chocolate wafers layered with chocolate mousse, topped with whipped cream and cherries and a chocolate garnish.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Double Digits

Jonathan is 10 today.

Bedhead children eating breakfast while Elizabeth ices the camouflage cupcakes.

 We were able to have several friends over (some we hadn't seen in a while ~ so glad they could make it). The boys had a Nerf gun fight, ate pizza, and hung out. Nice and simple ~ the way I like it. There's been a great debate going on over the past year about whether or not the girls would be allowed to stay for the party. They ended up staying (so they could serve the boys, Jonathan said!) and there was very little fighting amongst them. That's a win.