Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art on the iPad

"Adoration of the Shepherds" by Caravaggio
(current picture we're studying)

Our new iPad is the new family computer, so we've been trying to figure out how to do our school stuff with this new device. We used to display our art on the desktop and screensaver. Not the most cosmopolitan way, but it's practical and free. It has taken some figuring out how to do the same on an iPad, so some of you with iPad's might benefit from our process.

1. Find Picture:
I used to just use the links from to find the current art, but we've found some of those pictures to be too small. The iPad would stretch them to fit the screen which made them pixelated. So Phillip showed me how to do a Google Image search and select only large or medium pictures. There have been plenty to choose from thus far though you do have to be sure you're saving the correct picture since many different ones might come up.

2. Save Image:
Press the image you want with your finger until a screen pops up with choices. Choose Save Image. This places the picture in your Photos.

3. Display Art:
Go to Settings and choose Brightness and Wallpaper. Click on the desktop image under Wallpaper and it will open up choices. Click on Camera Roll and choose the art that has been saved there.

4. Study:
You can look at the image as the screen saver or you can go to Photos, open up Camera Roll, click on the picture and observe it free of any other "computer stuff" (buttons, etc) that get in the way. You can also enlarge the image in Photos by pinching your fingers apart to make it bigger. It's kind of fun to see what's in the background that way.

If you have an easier or different way of displaying your art, please share!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Before Church on Easter

This year I didn't think too much about Easter. It kind of came up on me. Phillip had a ton of preparation to do at the church, but we didn't do a lot at home.

So Phoebe wore Elizabeth's Easter dress from last year. Jonathan wore his outfit from last year (it must have been big on him last year!). Elizabeth does not like to wear dresses anymore, so she wore the one nice outfit that was clean. And Harrison had something nice to wear too. Phoebe was upset with Jonathan so she refused to sit next to him. Whatever. It's too hard to catch a perfect picture of all the kids anymore, so this is what we get!

Thoughtful Son

Jonathan and Dad needed to go to the store and buy some insecticide for Jon's wheat. He planted some wheat seeds from a science experiment kit last summer. They've actually grown and are now producing "fruit"; the poor plants had aphids. He's pretty sure he's going to sell his wheat and make money.

Well, Jonathan said they just had to buy Mom some flowers. He was very proud that they bought the $5 flowers instead of the $10 ones since they could save money that way. This boy is after my own heart! I love my happy tulips. And I love my man working on his Revelation lesson in his cowboy hat. Oh yea..... I got me some good men.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Phoebe Turns Five

Wow, it's hard to believe she's five! Such a unique birth and a unique girl. She has a special place in my heart with her intensity and love of alone time, her wildness and joy.

This was her choice of cake decoration: white frosting with pink sprinkles and a horse. I told her to go find the horse she wanted (since she has so many). She came back with Bullseye. Good enough.

We invited a little friend from church and her family to Ollie Koalas for some pizza and games. I find one friend over is often better than a house full.

We made her a foil crown for her birthday. A simple way to honor the birthday girl!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Seriously, if I lived alone, I would not own any of these! But my dear patient husband loves what these devices can be used for and teaches me how to use each new one we get. And eventually I catch on and learn to love what I can accomplish with them. But a certain amount of kicking and screaming go along with the learning process.

Our family computer was 6 1/2 years old and slow as molasses. We held out for the next version of the iPad, and after several weeks of frustration, I think I'm getting the hang of it! It's a different device than a computer, but I think I can do just about everything I used to do. Namely: blogging (and reading blogs), Facebook, emails, keeping the family books, making lists,
Research work (googling), school schedules, art and music study, spanish, and a wonderful new way to read books and poetry for school, plus the kids are able to play games and such during computer time.

I used to be proud that I was not tethered to a computer. By that I mean that I could live without one and get by just fine with life. But alas that is no longer the case. I reluctantly defer to the age of the computer.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I am learning our new iPad and so have not posted lately. This feels like moving. Everything is different and is taking some time to get used to. Anyway, this is a practice blog Written on the iPad. The last one disappeared into thin air. Be back soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Daytona Bound

The Senior group from church had Phillip speak at their Daytona trip again this year and had our whole family join them.

The hotel makes a variety of donuts for breakfast.

The kids have their own room complete with bunk beds and TV (I know, Mom and Dad! I know.) We were able to swim at the beach the first day for a little while. The kids had fun, but Harrison was tired so we didn't stay long. Unfortunately it rained with lightening the second day, so we couldn't even swim in the indoor pool (too many windows). So the kids watched quite a bit of TV that morning.

We all ate at Aunt's Catfish for supper one night. I had crab cakes. Phillip had a hamburger. Go figure. :-) They make the best hush puppies and cinnamon rolls (both served along with all dishes). Delicious!

On the rainy afternoon, a kind lady had some activities planned for the kids so Phillip and I could go to the painting class. Can you tell who painted which picture? We didn't get to finish it ~ it was to be a beach scene with more waves. This was my first time painting with oils and I enjoyed it!

The second night was dress-up (okay, seniors are into costumes? Apparently.). The theme was Disney by the Sea. We did not want to spend a lot of money on 6 Disney costumes, so we came up with a cheaper and more creative option. We bought plain t-shirts in colors that coordinated with our characters and then had 1 item that also went along with our character. And we wore name tags so people would know who we were. Liz is Rapunzel with a wig. Jonathan is Mickey Mouse with ears. Phoebe is Sleeping Beauty with a crown. Harrison is Peter Pan with a "dagger". Phillip and I are Beauty and the Beast (my "thing" was a blue ribbon tying my hair back ~ hard to see).

While the kids have looked forward to this trip for a long time, I have to say I was thrilled, delighted, ecstatic, happy to be back home! I am a homebody. It's hard to sleep in a hotel with a baby who still wakes up at night and a little girl who cannot go to sleep in a strange place and therefore keeps everyone else awake, etc, etc. So here we are outside enjoying being home.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Speaking Experience

Last night reminded me that I am not a gifted or natural public speaker.

My homeschool group, Lighted Path Homeschool Connection, asked me to speak about Delightful Reading at their Charlotte Mason seminar. I was happy to share, so I prepared and practiced for several hours over the past weeks.

As time approached, I was perhaps tense but not overly worried. Even as I sat in the room awaiting my turn, I was not nervous. But as soon as I stood up... Whew! Trembling, eyes tearing up, couldn't catch my breath, staring at the ceiling, "Um" the most oft spoke word. Yea.... It was bad. You couldn't pay me to watch a video of that presentation. Any of you have a teacher or professor who made you watch a video of your speeches from speech class? Torturous. Oh, and this "crowd" that I spoke to amounted to all of 9 people!

But after 5-10 minutes all of that did pass. I relaxed and enjoyed sharing how to teach your child to read. I have another venue to share at in a couple weeks, but it will be in a home with me sitting on a couch. For some reason that seems much less intimidating.

I know that public speaking is not my forte, and I'm okay with that. I'm glad to do it anyway because I love talking about homeschooling and Charlotte Mason and Delightful Reading. Not that I want to stand in front of very many crowds! It's just exciting to have something to share and be asked to do it. As long as they don't mind putting up with my blubbering for a couple minutes while I adjust to standing in front of them while they stare at me. Thank goodness my husband is so helpful and encouraging; it's nice to come home to a safe place where someone thinks you hung the moon. :-)