Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Speaking Experience

Last night reminded me that I am not a gifted or natural public speaker.

My homeschool group, Lighted Path Homeschool Connection, asked me to speak about Delightful Reading at their Charlotte Mason seminar. I was happy to share, so I prepared and practiced for several hours over the past weeks.

As time approached, I was perhaps tense but not overly worried. Even as I sat in the room awaiting my turn, I was not nervous. But as soon as I stood up... Whew! Trembling, eyes tearing up, couldn't catch my breath, staring at the ceiling, "Um" the most oft spoke word. Yea.... It was bad. You couldn't pay me to watch a video of that presentation. Any of you have a teacher or professor who made you watch a video of your speeches from speech class? Torturous. Oh, and this "crowd" that I spoke to amounted to all of 9 people!

But after 5-10 minutes all of that did pass. I relaxed and enjoyed sharing how to teach your child to read. I have another venue to share at in a couple weeks, but it will be in a home with me sitting on a couch. For some reason that seems much less intimidating.

I know that public speaking is not my forte, and I'm okay with that. I'm glad to do it anyway because I love talking about homeschooling and Charlotte Mason and Delightful Reading. Not that I want to stand in front of very many crowds! It's just exciting to have something to share and be asked to do it. As long as they don't mind putting up with my blubbering for a couple minutes while I adjust to standing in front of them while they stare at me. Thank goodness my husband is so helpful and encouraging; it's nice to come home to a safe place where someone thinks you hung the moon. :-)

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Tonya said...

You sound like me when it comes to public speaking:o) I teared up when I read the part about you coming home to Phillip. Proud of you sis and so thankful you have such wonderful support with all that you do:O)