Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer Time

We finished school and the kids immediately got ready for camp. Elizabeth went to her own week and met up with the Beaumont girls like she has every year. I forgot about sending packages and letters to your campers (like I've forgotten the last three years), but the Beaumont parents took up the slack and sent her some letters and cards. So sweet of them. I'm a loser. (ha, ha)

Phoebe and her neighbor friend joined up with Jonathan's week of camp since their week didn't have enough kids registered. That made it nice since we didn't have to make another trip to and from camp and also since this was Phoebe and Charlize's first time at camp without parents. 

My brother Mike and his wife came to visit us. Awesome time at the Alamo and playing Risk.

Phoebe won this time. She's hysterical when she's losing and maniacal when she's winning. That girl is something.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Harrison Turns Five

He's the baby of the family and we can't really call him a baby anymore. A five year old is school age. Tear.

But we had a fun day today celebrating. We went to an Agricultural Museum in Boerne. Lots of tractors and tractor parts and old-timey equipment. Phillip was able to explain a lot to us about what was what and what Papa and his Dad used to farm with.

Aupa, I think this is the grown-up version of the toy tractor you gave to Jonathan.

The sand table was Harrison's favorite part.

There was a blacksmith building; the blacksmith made this leaf out of steel and gave it to Phoebe.

Harrison wanted a rainbow on his cake. And we gave him trick candles, which he enjoyed.

He's a fun kid. He's been playing with all his toys this afternoon. He's already put together his puzzles and Lego set and played in the dirt with his excavator.