Saturday, June 6, 2015

Harrison Turns Five

He's the baby of the family and we can't really call him a baby anymore. A five year old is school age. Tear.

But we had a fun day today celebrating. We went to an Agricultural Museum in Boerne. Lots of tractors and tractor parts and old-timey equipment. Phillip was able to explain a lot to us about what was what and what Papa and his Dad used to farm with.

Aupa, I think this is the grown-up version of the toy tractor you gave to Jonathan.

The sand table was Harrison's favorite part.

There was a blacksmith building; the blacksmith made this leaf out of steel and gave it to Phoebe.

Harrison wanted a rainbow on his cake. And we gave him trick candles, which he enjoyed.

He's a fun kid. He's been playing with all his toys this afternoon. He's already put together his puzzles and Lego set and played in the dirt with his excavator. 

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