Sunday, May 17, 2015

Storms, Storms...

Our days in San Antonio have been filled with thunderstorms this spring. I can actually call it spring, because it isn't so goodness-gracious hot like it has been the last few years we've lived here. I love storms, so I don't mind too much. The kids have been wanting to do more swimming than they're able to do, but they enjoy the storms too. Except when they happen at night. At that point all the boys end up in the hall (yes, Phillip too; lightening doesn't interrupt sleep in the windowless hall).

Phoebe's new dress.

 A sunny day at the pool. 

 Celebrating a birthday with friends. 
Probably the healthiest cake you'll ever eat. 
Very delicious! 

Harrison was quite distraught that he couldn't make his card perfect for Emmey. He tore it up finally. I cut off the torn parts and asked him later if he was sure he didn't want to give her the card he had made. He looked sad and said, "Mom, you can give it to her, but I won't."

 This was a cloudy day at the pool. We tried the Guadalupe River so we could float Elizabeth's raft, but with all the recent storms, it was flooded and raging. Very cool to witness, but not safe to play in. 

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Mom-Elayne-Mimi said...

So good to see the activities of the kids. Paul and I look forward to each of your "Gore Family News" posts. Phoebe new dress is very pretty & so is she. Seems like she is growing up so fast. Both girls are.
So cute about Harrison and his birthday card for Emmy.
We love all of you!!