Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lockhart, TX

Mother's Day gift to me this year was a family outing to Lockhart, TX. 
They are famous for their barbecue apparently.

The wood for smoking the meat stored in the back space of Smitty's.

Sharing some delicious brisket, no forks allowed! 

An old library in Lockhart. 
The kids especially liked the stained glass windows.

An old piano in the library?

This is the new part of the library.

We looked in on the clock museum. This guy is a re-enactor and could tell us more than we wanted to know about all the clocks in the place. One watch had a picture of Hitler on it; a lot of those were thrown out after he was gone, of course. Another watch that was the oldest they displayed was worth much less than the Walt Disney watch made in the 20's. Go figure. 

We tried to get ice cream in town, but Blue Bell is having some issues, so none of the places had ice cream. We stopped at a Dairy Queen on the way home. 

This was my kind of gift ~ a family experience together. 

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