Friday, April 8, 2011

Daytona Bound

The Senior group from church had Phillip speak at their Daytona trip again this year and had our whole family join them.

The hotel makes a variety of donuts for breakfast.

The kids have their own room complete with bunk beds and TV (I know, Mom and Dad! I know.) We were able to swim at the beach the first day for a little while. The kids had fun, but Harrison was tired so we didn't stay long. Unfortunately it rained with lightening the second day, so we couldn't even swim in the indoor pool (too many windows). So the kids watched quite a bit of TV that morning.

We all ate at Aunt's Catfish for supper one night. I had crab cakes. Phillip had a hamburger. Go figure. :-) They make the best hush puppies and cinnamon rolls (both served along with all dishes). Delicious!

On the rainy afternoon, a kind lady had some activities planned for the kids so Phillip and I could go to the painting class. Can you tell who painted which picture? We didn't get to finish it ~ it was to be a beach scene with more waves. This was my first time painting with oils and I enjoyed it!

The second night was dress-up (okay, seniors are into costumes? Apparently.). The theme was Disney by the Sea. We did not want to spend a lot of money on 6 Disney costumes, so we came up with a cheaper and more creative option. We bought plain t-shirts in colors that coordinated with our characters and then had 1 item that also went along with our character. And we wore name tags so people would know who we were. Liz is Rapunzel with a wig. Jonathan is Mickey Mouse with ears. Phoebe is Sleeping Beauty with a crown. Harrison is Peter Pan with a "dagger". Phillip and I are Beauty and the Beast (my "thing" was a blue ribbon tying my hair back ~ hard to see).

While the kids have looked forward to this trip for a long time, I have to say I was thrilled, delighted, ecstatic, happy to be back home! I am a homebody. It's hard to sleep in a hotel with a baby who still wakes up at night and a little girl who cannot go to sleep in a strange place and therefore keeps everyone else awake, etc, etc. So here we are outside enjoying being home.

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