Saturday, August 23, 2014


You know you're in Texas when.....

~ you encounter the "Don't Slow Texas Down" sign and 75 mph speed limits.

~ everyone drives crazy (see above).

~ you can't read billboards because they're in Spanish only.

~ boots with shorts are common.

~ cowboy hats sit on dashboards of big ole pickup trucks.

~ HEB is the only grocery store in town.

~ you know and appreciate Buc-ee's.

~ the Texas lone star is a regular part of home decor.

~ dust. Just dust. And dirt. Everywhere.

~ squeaky bats are a welcome sight every evening cause you know they're eating those pesky mosquitos.

~ summertime goes from March through October.

~ it's a hundred degrees outside and people are saying, "Wow, this is cool year."

~ Sam Elliott-like voices and guitar music are called for in local commercials.

~ Country Legends radio station regularly boasts of their helping to give George Strait his start. (And aren't we all glad they did?!)

~ "Rain" is in the top 10 prayer requests at church.

~ you've sited coyotes, road runners, black widows, and scorpions. And a dead wild pig on the road. And longhorns.

~ Texas' flag is often flown higher than the American flag. Or just flies on its own. I've never seen a state flag so popular. It is a good looking flag, I'll give 'em that.

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Summer Wright said...

8 months of summer & less than 7 days of winter...definitely a trade I prefer.

The Texas flag is the only one allowed to fly at the same height at the US flag and is commonly flown exclusively by natives.

And the last time the governor called on the churches of Texas to pray for rain, we had flooding - so just beware.