Monday, June 20, 2016

Scobee Planetarium

We've wanted to visit the local Planetarium for years and we finally made it happen a couple weeks ago.

This is the new space suit that is projected to be used in the Mars Mission. You're supposed to be able to bend your knees and elbows better than in the old one. It also takes a lot less time to put on - twenty minutes as opposed to 2 hours (I could be misremembering that info, but it's close). 

It also hooks right up to the outside of the spacecraft and you can step out of it into the inside of the ship, that way the suit always stays on the outside of the spacecraft. I guess there was a big mess when they brought in moon debris, and they're trying to rectify that problem.

Phoebe and Charlize.

I would recommend going to see the Planetarium. It wasn't very expensive (and teachers got in free in June). The lady who presented the program was very knowledgeable ~ I especially liked the question and answer session at the end ~ you could tell she loved the subject and would answer any questions the kids threw at her. A few constellations, the sun, moon and several planets were looked at during the presentation. The planets would zoom in really big on the dome and spin while the lady pointed out various things and talked about them. That was cool. 

We went to the 7:00 show. We might try to go to the later double feature sometime. Or wait for a new show to be developed and go during the winter months so we can spend time in the observatory. It was closed at this time for repairs. 

Hi, Liz!

A tree begging to be climbed.

Sibling snuggles. Warms my heart. 

Liz was hot after coming in from a walk. I guess we could have put ice down her back, but this works too.

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