Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Harrison is Six and The Boat

Liz went down a short section of Cibolo Creek on her milk jug-duct tape boat. The creek is way up this year. Which means it's about waist deep. We walked the length of it through Cibolo Creek Nature Center a few months back, so we would know what to expect if ever she wanted to take the boat down the river.

Liz is teaching me how to take selfies. When I take them, I end up with a double chin.

And Harrison's birthday party. He turned six. Wow. My little squishy is growing up. 

This is the Kylo Ren balloon he wanted. 
It was quite interesting trying to get the thing blown up at HEB. 

Liz did the decorations and the "cake," which was a giant cookie.

Star Killer Base cookie. 

Harrison being Kylo Ren.

Phoebe's Rey hairstyle and staff, all brought to you by Liz. (She's a maker, if you can't tell.)

Emily and Will and Mrs. Alisa came over. 
Harrison said he wanted to "have Emily over. And maybe the other Travis kids." 

Harrison came with Liz and I to Boerne Lake the next day. He brought the Rush Hour game he received for his birthday and played it while Liz took out the boat. Jonathan and Phoebe haven't been interested in going with us to take out the boat, so it's just been Oldest and Youngest and I. 

I took it for a short spin just to see how it acts. It's a sturdy one. Gives you a workout for sure. 

Liz crossed a short arm of Boerne City Lake. She would love to take sailing lessons here some time. Maybe next year. 

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