Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Declension of Paper Products

I'm not sure the term 'declension' is correct, but it's a familiar word from Greek class and it seems to fit this situation.

I have wondered for years which is the cheapest paper product (per sheet) to use. When I reach for a paper towel, I wonder if it would be cheaper to grab a Kleenex instead. When I need a Kleenex, I wonder if a square of toilet paper would suffice (and would it be, indeed, cheaper). Weird thoughts, I'm sure, but I finally checked it out while shopping at Walmart today and I thought I'd share my findings for you other weirdos who might wonder the same thing.

Napkins, facial tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels are the four paper products we buy. They make life convenient and even pleasant. Since we splurge on such luxuries, I want to use them wisely. Below are pictures of the specific products we buy. Even though others may buy a different brand at a different price, I'm sure the general 'declension' is the same. 

And so....... from cheapest to most expensive.......... the paper product line-up is!!

1. Toilet Paper at .0037¢ per 2 squares

2. Napkins at .009¢ per sheet

3. Facial Tissue at .0127¢ per tissue

4. Paper Towels at .0156¢ per sheet 

Now I know to grab TP when I need to blot lipstick instead of using a whole Kleenex. And even though paper towels are the most expensive, they are still the best for microwaving bacon; I can wipe up spilled milk with napkins though. This whole process gives me much pleasure, so thank you for indulging this post documenting my findings for future reference (in case I forget). 

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