Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Most of the Day at The Park

Saturday was a day for the park and fishing and friends and family.

Uncle Gerald kindly washed some of our laundry and lent us his comfortable air mattress.

Mom won't let me get a good picture of her, so this is really the best one I can post. She's cooking up some yummy pancakes for us.

We spent seven hours at this park! I brought sunscreen all the way from Jacksonville and promptly forgot it at Momo's house. So we are sunburnt.


Phoebe was our successful fisherman this time around. She caught two perch (?).

Several friends stopped by and helped us fish. Then my friend Teressa brought her family and friends to have a birthday party for Jayda. Jayda and Elizabeth have a good time together anytime we head over to Louisiana. (Mike, Ton, Cory ~ guess which one is Torrey's little girl?)

There was a hot grill by our pavilion. Teressa's husband had sea salt in his truck (always prepared!). So we cooked up the fish we had caught. Dad and I were the only ones brave enough to eat it.

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