Saturday, July 15, 2017

TX State Aquarium and Malaquite Beach

Alisa and I adventured to Corpus Cristi with eight kids in tow. This was the Gores first time to an Aquarium; we went to Corpus Cristi to the beach a few years ago. The kids have been hankering for some beach time.

Surreal jellyfish. 

Dolphin Show.


I think we could pet starfish and stingrays here.

Looking down into the shark tank.

Garden eels. So cool.

In the Shark Movie Experience. Harrison freaked out!

Emily and H in the garden eel bubble.

Phoebe and Harrison.

These were pretty cool jellyfish.

See the octopus? 

To the beach! 
It was perfect. We were there about 3 hours, so we didn't get Too burnt.

H was especially excited about digging a hole with Emily. They also buried Westley in the sand, but my phone had died by then, so I didn't get a picture. (Pic by Alisa)

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