Saturday, July 8, 2017

4th of July Week

We checked out the Espada Dam on the San Antonio River one hot afternoon. I thought we'd be able to get in the water, but it really wasn't an area for that. So for a little while we waded in the water flowing over the rocks, but it was awfully hot.

This little kitten saved the day when she showed up hopping through the tall grasses beside an arm of the river. Liz texted some friends to see if they wanted it, and they said "yes!" It took about 20 minutes to catch her (she wasn't scared; she was very playful; that makes us think maybe someone dropped her off; we didn't find any other kittens or a momma around). And we took her to the Kirby Farm where Liz' friend immediately fell in love. She is Fiona Biscuit now. 

Liz got to see Fiona again when we dropped the friend off after a morning at the Guadalupe River.

I tried out corn fritters for the first time for our lunch meal on the 4th of July. It was a hit with most of the family. Phillip said I could make them anytime. They were a bit fussy to make; they're not quick at all. But I definitely will make them again. (This was the corn fritters recipe from Cook's magazine, Elayne.)

These are the tarts I made with the fig preserves that I made from the figs given to me by a couple from church. The guy is from Louisiana not far from where I grew up. He always plants fig trees wherever he moves, and he was giving away a lot of figs in Sunday School. For the filling, I took the preserves and blended them with plum preserves that we had (some recipes recommended apple jelly, but I didn't have any in the moment). This gave it some tartness that I wanted. The preserves I had made were just a little too sweet. I used the fig tart dough recipe from a Cajun cookbook Momo had given me years ago. It was really soft, I had to add some more flour after I filled the trial tart and found I couldn't transfer it to the pan because it would fall between my fingers. 

I was going for fig newtons rather than fig tarts. I definitely needed to add more filling. I love this filling more than others I've made, so that's a keeper. So far I'm the only one around here to enjoy them. Even my little neighbor friend who eats kale with me will not eat these. *shaking my head* They just don't know what they're missing.

One lazy day, I got the boys to help me put together a new world map puzzle from Crocodile Creek. Neither wanted to do it at first, but once we started going, they didn't want to stop till it was finished. 

The rubber egg experiment done with the younger ones (specifically Harrison). You know, the one where you cover an egg in vinegar for 3 days and it eats away at the egg shell and rubberizes the outside of the egg so that it will bounce (bounce it lightly!), but will also break after a while (the inside is still raw). This is another one of those things that I did with the olders and then forgot about it because I had "crossed that one off my list." 

Dad wanted Elizabeth's homemade french fries, so he was on potato peeling duty. 

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