Saturday, June 24, 2017

Coca-Cola and other Cool Summer Happenings

Liz practices her photography skills on her sister; 
and she's doing quite well, in my opinion. 

We plan for her to take a photography class at a nearby co-op this coming school year.

Elizabeth and a couple of her friends took pictures at an abandoned building and then waded in the Guadalupe River.

The summer mornings have been somewhat relaxed around here. We sleep in a little later than school days. There are certain things the kids have to get done before they can do computer time, but I let them do it at their own pace. 

Harrison is also learning how to tie his shoes this summer. I balk at those kinds of things. Maybe it's a fourth child thing ~ do I really need to teach shoe-tying again? Do I really need to potty train again? Does he need to know his address and phone number? 

Jonathan met a friend at camp last year and we figured out the friend only lives 25 minutes away. Phillip filled in to preach at their church a couple of weeks ago. It was good.

Phoebe is taking horse riding lessons this summer. She's really liking it so far, and I'm pleased with the teacher. She seems very knowledgeable, and the atmosphere of the place is relaxed. 

We went to Boerne City Lake to play in the water and try out the raft.

We got a little sunburnt and very tired out. I took notes for next year so that we can go better prepared. For instance, we need better sunscreen, a roll of toilet paper, more snacks.

Scobee Planetarium is having summer matinees this year and I want to take advantage! 

The first one we attended was The Maya Sky. Harrison was pretty freaked out by the intensity of an Imax-type experience and some of the visuals (lightening and such), and he cried quite a bit. He's seven and you had to be at least 6 for this show, so I thought he'd be fine. Oh well, live and learn.

Phoebe, my selfie queen.

The boys waiting for the show to begin. 
I want to attend at least a couple more planetarium shows this summer and then go back in the winter to spend time at the observatory.

Cream colored sunflowers in a vase Adeba gave me when she moved away.

My first pair of boots memorialized with petunias.

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