Thursday, June 8, 2017

Seven Year Old Harrison

Harrison wanted a Banana-themed birthday party. He doesn't really eat bananas. I'm not sure what thrills him about bananas. But he does have a banana costume from Halloween, and Liz made him a chocolate cake with banana decorations.

He invited a neighbor to go to Urban Air (a trampoline park) that afternoon. 

Two wild and sweaty guys.

Elizabeth made the banana decorations out of meringue. 

Harrison is a deep thinker. He's been going outside on his own lately and holding his own with the boys his age in the neighborhood. It used to be that he stuck pretty close to Jonathan. I love to see him and Jon together, but he does need to "find himself," if you will.

He's our schmoopy, our snuggle-bug, our sensitive one. We love you, Harrison!

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