Monday, October 24, 2016

Finishing the Riverwalk!

I had good family time with the Mission Reach of the Riverwalk. 

Mission Espada. 
The last one on the trail. It was a Sunday afternoon ~ lots of tourists.

Charlize and the kids went with me for a short walk on a hot Sunday afternoon. We went from Concepción Park to the Riverside Golf Course. 

It was not a quick walk. 
There were ledges to walk and underpasses to climb and slide down.

Then my mom came to visit us and I talked her into walking with me on a Monday morning. There were a surprising number of people out during a work week. And I didn't really have to talk Mom into it. She walks around a lake near their home several times a week. Walking is her hobby. One of her hobbies..... She's a very busy person.

We went from the Golf Course to Acequia Park that day. 

A yellow garden orb weaver. We actually saw a lot of spiders on this walk. Some black chunky ones, some jumpy ones. They were polite and shared the sidewalk well.

San Juan Mission
The last stretch of the Riverwalk was also with my mom when she came back from Louisiana. We walked from Mission San Juan to Mission Espada and then up to Acequia Park and back down to San Juan. My phone directions sent me to the wrong place (San Juan instead of Acequia Park), so we just parked and walked from where we were. 

San Juan Mission. I think? This might be Espada.

I think this was called Whisper Art. 

There were a lot of these Queen Butterflies covering the bushes next to the whisper art. 

The map: here

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Do I have deep inspirational thoughts about this achievement? Sure. They're way deep down. I enjoy crossing things off a list. I enjoy setting a goal and getting it done. I love hiking and nature trails. I'd say biking might be a better bet for the Mission Reach. It's a lot of miles to walk. Although you do enjoy the scenery at a slower pace when you're walking. Conversation and enjoying an activity with someone else is part of the joy of it all too.

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