Sunday, October 30, 2016

Farm Day in Cibolo

Harrison holding a Silkie.

We bought honey from the Kirby family a few weeks ago. From there we learned that they were wanting to do a Farm Day at their home and were looking for vendors. Liz jumped right in to sell her baked goods, and so she had her first venue outside of individual orders.

I dropped her off for the morning, but came back with the kids and Charlize for the afternoon. There was a variety in the vendor area: Chickens, Partylite, Brick Oven Pizza, a Brewery (they didn't serve beer  ~ just getting their brand out there), Corn-hole, Horse rides, Essential Oils, Gut Health, Vertical Gardening, Jarred foods and Pecans, information on Tiny House building and Mobile Loaves and Fishes..... and more. 

Phoebe and Charlize got to let the chickens out. About 40 or so came rushing out of there to scavenge around the yard. 

They had two tortoises. Very large and cool. 

Phoebe has been begging for horseback riding lessons. She got a little taste here.

Liz' table of cookies and cupcakes.

Petting chicks and ducks.

Butterfly release. 
This vendor was selling butterfly kits with a caterpillar and home and host plant. 

The butterflies stayed around when they were first released. Then they found food.

Dad hanging out with the kids.

The tortoise and chicken were partaking of pumpkin together.

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