Thursday, October 6, 2016

Make Room for Phoebe

Phoebe and I enjoy going to the annual Evening of Spiritual Harmony at our church. It's kind of a fundraiser for Southwestern Christian College. Several acapella groups come from all around (the furtherest this year came from Oklahoma), and do they ever bring it, baby! 

I love to watch good music. I don't always pay attention if I just listen to it on the radio. But when I watch it live, it washes over me ~ I feel more a part of it. And it always makes me long for heaven. I want to be a part of that singing one day.

Phoebe's story, The Quest to Save Rainbow Planet, tied for third place in the FenCon Young Author Story Contest. This was for a cash prize, so it was super exciting for her. She comes up with the zaniest things sometimes, but it's always a laugh. When she catches Phillip and I hugging, she'll squeeze into the middle and peep, "Make room for Phoebe!" 

Elizabeth has been wrapping trees in knitted tree sweaters down at the library. People ask her why. I tell her to look really sarcastic and teenagery and tell them in all seriousness, "Like..... because it's art," and then put her nose in the air. She could take the sarcastic approach or the ditzy artsy approach or the snobby artist approach.  Any of those works. Anyway, one young girl stopped her one day to tell her she loves it and she always looks to see if there are any new ones. 

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