Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sunrise at Comanche Lookout Park

Jonathan has really gotten into hiking up Comanche Lookout near our house. He planned an early Saturday morning for him and Harrison (and me as the driver) to get there and see the sunrise and then play for a while with their army gear. 

We got there a little after sunrise, but we still got to see some pretty oranges and pinks. And there was a little group there praying. I love that. 

There were a lot of people there actually ~ jogging, walking dogs. I fixed my hair and had some breakfast and read the Bible while the boys played. 

Harrison is so enamored with his big brother. Jonathan gets a little irritated with him at times, but he also takes a lot of time to play with him and take care of him. The two of them are a picture of brothers dwelling together in unity. That makes my heart happy.

A neighbor came over for lunch last week and brought us a beautiful vase of flowers. Liz has used them in her baking pictures and to make a flower crown. She makes good use of a bouquet. That also makes my heart happy.

A little picture of what my teenager is into these days. 

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