Saturday, November 5, 2016


The kids design, figure out, purchase their own costumes for Halloween. I'm not into Halloween, so I'm not going to expend my own energy and time on figuring out cute costumes. But the kids are creative and do quite well on their own.

Rey from "The Force Awakens"

A banana. 
We thought he should be eating a banana while being a banana. Then he could be a banana cannibal. A bananabal..... A cannibananabal.
 I think Phoebe ate the banana before we could get to it.

Also, those are Harrison's marigolds that he planted a few months back. They have been a delightful bright spot in our yard!

Elizabeth and Jonathan passed out candy while I took Phoebe and Harrison down the street. 
Liz and Jon were dressed as something to do with Twenty-One Pilots (which is a music group, grandparents and those who aren't in the know on current music groups).

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