Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 in South Texas

I'm writing this in a slouched position so as to protect my tender tummy from the hurt that is there from food poisoning. I don't get sick very often these days (thank goodness!), so I feel the need to share my pain when the rare occurrence occurs. 

But none of us were sick while we were down in south Texas with Mimi and Papa for Thanksgiving! It was sunny and warm and delicious.

Elizabeth made our dessert: strawberry pie.

I took this picture from the front porch of Mimi and Papa's little house to text to my parents who were baking apple crisp for their get-together in rainy, cold Seattle. So cruel, daughter!

The kids doing water bottle flipping. I can't believe this is really a 'thing.' But it keeps them entertained.

Mimi busy cooking in the kitchen.

Papa and Liz.
Liz is working on knitting a sweater. One for her to wear this time, instead of for trees.

So many things to thank God for. 
We have a recent tradition where we write down our blessings on a table runner every year. I think this is the fourth year we've done it. It's neat to read what we've written over time. And the kids' handwriting changes so much! We didn't get to it before the meal this year; but we did it before we left for home the next day.

And because there was a lot of time to fill before Thanksgiving evening when we wanted to watch the new Anne of Green Gables, Papa drove us over to South Padre Island, so the kids could have some surprise beach time. 

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