Saturday, December 3, 2016

Rainy 15th Birthday

Today Elizabeth is 15. 

It's rainy and cold outside. It was cold and rainy the day she was born too. I was hoping for snow when she was born. But it rained. 

We planned to go to the Pearl Farmer's Market this morning. She's been wanting to visit it. But it turns out that it's the Tamale Festival, so there was no Farmer's Market and the Tamale Fest wasn't opened yet. So we walked around the Pearl a bit, looked around a little shop (bought a couple Christmas presents!), and sat in Local Coffee with an affogato (for Liz ~ that's espresso and ice cream) and a jalapeño kolache (for me). 

Then we found a yarn store nearby: The Yarn Barn. Very cozy ~ and lots of yarn!

She made her own cake this year. 
Doesn't she just about every year? I think so. 

Jonathan gave her cream soda. Phoebe got her some yarn. Nana's traditional birthday balloon. And gifts of money that will enable her to purchase a camera. Food photography is an interest right now.

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