Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Decorating and Boerne

We finally got out the Christmas decorations a week before Christmas. But we got it done! 

I found this little guy at HEB. 
We decided we want to collect similar-looking ornaments featuring each of the states we've lived in: Missouri, Louisiana, Washington, Iowa, and Florida. So if you come across something, take a picture and let me know!

Each kid decorates their own tree.

Liz and her birthday camera.

The pictures below are from Elizabeth.

Liz was inspired to make these Swedish gingerbread cookies after watching a cooking show. 
Oh. my. goodness. Watch those shows more often! So good.

At Bear Moon Bakery in Boerne. 
We also visited The Nature Store and Kiss the Cook kitchen store in Boerne. There are so many cute shops there; we should explore more.

At Cibolo Creek Nature Center.

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