Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

We've been alternating holidays with Phillip's parents and brother. This year we had them over for Christmas. I love getting together with family for holidays, so this is a happy, enjoyable time for us.

Mimi and Papa were there for the opening of the presents. 
We are all blessed beyond belief with generous family members.

Harrison (Dad?) got lots of Star Wars toys. 

What he was most excited about: chicken walkers!

Mimi had a good idea for all of us to share special Christmas memories after we had Christmas dinner. I have great memories of being with family for Christmas, so it was a lot of fun to share those: Grandma's wood stove, playing cards, special Christmas gifts, plays we've been in, traveling in the snow, that time we snuck out at midnight to get ice cream.... 

We put together a 500 piece puzzle throughout the day. 
I really didn't expect we'd finish it, but we did. 
Papa took it home to put it together himself sometime. He enjoys that.

Cousin Jay got to come this year. We hadn't seen him in 5 years or so. All grown up now! He made us fresh ground coffee from coffee beans he had roasted himself. And he beat a couple of us at Chess. Kristy was here, really; I just didn't get a good picture. She made Andes Mint cookies with Elizabeth, and we had good conversation as we always do. The kids were especially thrilled with the argument (heated debate?) she and Phillip had over fonts and formatting. 

Okay, I found a little picture with Kristy in the background ~ photographic proof of her presence.....

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