Thursday, January 5, 2017


We went to Bird Bakery and Hemisfair Park on this gorgeous day.

This is Phoebe's consternation face. 
She caught Elizabeth taking her picture and was saying, "Li-iz!!"

So you can probably tell the difference between my pictures and Elizabeth's pictures. 
The above are all hers. Jonathan took the one of her with her camera.

We are doing Praise for Habit Training. 
The kids each came up with an idea that helped us praise God. Harrison's idea was to go to the Hill, tell the group one way in which God is greater than we are (mom modification), and then play "war" with nerf guns. 
That works.

Liz and I had a general tour of the Culinary Institute of America today. It was another gorgeous day today, leading into a very cold day tomorrow, or so they're telling us. The Pearl was beautiful, the tour was fun, and we shared some ice cream from Lick on the way back to the van. My flavor was Beet Mint (so good!) and Elizabeth had Orange Chocolate.

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