Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Saturday Evening Post

Still no camera! So I'll have to regale you with my prose.

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Elaine took the kids today! (Yea!!!) So Phillip and I went to Jacksonville Beaches and ate at KFC, drove around a bit, stopped at a Starbucks which was freezing, the lid to Phillip's cup didn't fit properly, so he kept spilling Iced Mocha on his white shirt. I read while he worked on his sermon. Then I took a nap in the warm car (Yes, I try to go to bed early and not get up too early and I STILL like to take my nap!) We then went to the beach which has nice white sands and walked along the shore even though it was raining a bit. We came back home and I went through all the kids' toys: got rid of two bags to garbage and one bag to Goodwill and one bag went in my closet so they wouldn't have too many toys out at once. I can't believe we've collected that many toys!

The kids are back home and in bed, but not sleeping. They're a little crazy with no naps and a lot of excitement. Tomorrow we have lunch and supper at the church (different events going on), so more excitement! Yea. Anyway, today was a lot of fun to spend with just Phillip, and I feel productive having gone through the toys.

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