Thursday, July 31, 2008

Louisiana pics

Our camera is back from Canon! They were a lot quicker than I thought they would be (since they were fixing it for free!).

The picture of the plantation home we tried to see, but was closed for renovations:

The pictures of the home I lived in from age 5 to 12. It was much better kept then, of course. I have lots of good memories in that house: climbing the trees, climbing on the roof (our bedroom window opened up to the roof), picking figs and pecans whenever we were hungry, stepping on those mushy figs when they fell of the tree (we went barefoot unless we were going to a public place like the store or library), riding bikes around the block, riding bikes while reading books, reading books anywhere outside (we would each get our limit of books from the library, so we'd have like 40 books in the house, and then we'd read each other's books), building forts, making "food" out of mud and leaves, playing in the mud and getting hosed off before going to the tub, playing on the porch with torrents of rain pouring down..... lots of good memories.

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