Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Well, we had another family get-together out in the country with my extended family. I recognized some of them, but didn't know very many very well. We had some good jumbalaya (rice and sausage and pork with seasonings made outside in a big cauldron and stirred with a big paddle). I sprayed lots of Off on myself and the kids so we wouldn't get redbugs which was a given when I was growing up. I hate redbugs! They itch forever.

Here are the kids standing in front of an old Farmall tractor.

I drove to my old home. It was empty and looking very run down. My camera didn't keep the pictures I took, but it did keep the pictures of the fig tree (the figs are ripe!) and the pecan tree in our backyard. I met the neighbors that we lived by. It was good to see them. We used to go watch cartoons at their house.

That night Elizabeth and I watched fireworks with my mom and dad and childhood best friend, Teressa. She has two children now also. The fireworks were beautiful... though the mosquitos put a damper on things. The other kids slept in the motel with Phillip. They were so tired!!!

Today we are off to drop the kids with my parents and Phillip and I will go find something fun to do!

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