Friday, July 4, 2008


We left at 4:30 in the morning to drive 13 hours (including stops) to Crowley, Louisiana.

We unpacked at the Days Inn and found our way to Momo's (I haven't been here for 12 years, so I'm feeling my way around while trying to tell Phillip where to go since he's driving.)

Momo and family and friends sit out under the carport in lawn chairs and visit. A cool wind was blowing, but it was still pretty sweaty and the kids enjoyed playing in the dirt, so it brought back many memories from childhood. Only without the authenticity of barefeet. I hardly ever wore shoes as a kid. But I was sweaty and dirty a lot. My aunt used to call us Animals!

Elizabeth climbed up in a tree that I used to climb in and my mom and her brothers used to climb. Elizabeth told me later, "Hey, we have a family tree!"

That night we went to the Rice Palace and had some good Cajun cooking! Well, Phillip had a club sandwich and I had Crawfish Etouffee! It was so good.

The kids with Momo (my mom's mom).

Here's my Uncle Terry. My mom has 4 brothers (1 has passed away) and 2 sisters.

Well, we're off to a 4th of July celebration at a cousin's house!

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