Wednesday, July 9, 2008

News and Such

Taddy is dead. He was changing into a frog and then he started floating around upside down, but his mouth was still moving and he would swim if we poked him, but he wasn't eating. This morning the tank smelled and he has algae growing on his body and he is not moving. So I think we'll have a burial for him this afternoon.

Our camera is on the way to Canon to get fixed. So no more pictures for a while. I had taken more pictures of my old house and the camera ate those. Phillip and I took the day on Saturday to spend time without the kids in Louisiana. We drove to my old house first of all so he could see it. Then we ate KFC and drove to a plantation home that turned out to be closed for renovations. But we walked to the sugar cane field across the road from it and took a look at that. (We also saw lots of rice fields as we drove around.) Then we found a free museum that played a video about how the Cajuns came down to Louisiana from Canada and saw a lot of Cajun culture and history. We went to the mall in Lafayette and Starbucks (I know, real Cajun of us!). Then we stopped at Don's Specialty Meats to get some boudin!! That's a rice and pork mixture stuffed into a skin. It looks like sausage, but you don't eat the skin. You kind of squeeze the mixture out and eat it. Phillip calls it Jambalaya To Go. He didn't try any, but I really enjoyed it!! So I got to have 3 Cajun dishes that I've been missing: Crawfish Ettoufee, Jambalaya, and Boudin.

We left Sunday morning and went to a little church that was 3 hours away which we found on the internet. Then drove home with a mishap or two and finally arrived at our doorstep at 2:30 am on Monday. I enjoyed visiting with family and friends although it wasn't long enough! I suppose it never is. I'm so glad the kids got to see my Momo and my parents and make some friendships with my cousin's and best friend's kids.

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