Thursday, October 6, 2011

We Should All Be As Happy As Kings

My children seem convinced that they have to do school because someone is making them ~ the government, their parents, The Man ~ somebody. Where did this attitude come from? Is it inevitable that kids will have an adversarial relationship with formal schooling? (Except for those few girls who love school ~ me being one of them.) Do we parents or teachers or The System pass it on subconsciously? I wish I had the perfect attitude toward the pursuit of knowledge. But alas..... I'm working on it. Here are a couple good goals to work toward:

Now personal delight, joy in living, is a chief object of education. (Vol. 6, p. 303)

The person who can live upon his own intellectual resources and never know a dull hour (though anxious and sad hours will come) is indeed enviable.... (Vol 6, p. 303)

~ The world is so full of a number of things, I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings ~ Robert Louis Stevenson


Sarah said...

Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful mom. I wondered as I read your post that if you loved school as you were growing up your love for it was real. A real love of structure, organizaton and formalities is not deadedning for if it comes up from within it is a true expression of who you are and who God has made you and therefore life giving. It is when what God has made us is made to be set aside and nourishment to that purpose is lacking when the person emerging is thwarted, and made to live half alive when the damage is done. You seem so willing to do what is best for your kids I am sure they will be blessed in your little home school. I love the photo of your darling kids in the leaves. So much fun!

amy in peru said...

good point lanaya... we should all be as happy as kings... alas, somedays we are not.

I'm sure you all have your spectacular days too!

in the last years we've tried to instill, especially in the older boys, that their primary responsibility in this time is to educate themselves. that they have the power to decide much of their future based on how they act today. sometimes when they seem grumbly over a particular book or subject I ask them what things might be important for life in that book... it might be a dull part, but can you find one or two ideas that have true value? they're getting pretty good at that! :)

just an encouragement, it will probably dawn on them at some point just how good they have it! ;)

then they'll forget, and it will have to re-dawn on them...

amy in peru

phillipsgirl said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Sarah and Amy! I am really learning a lot from this series about knowledge. That's a good idea to actively teach your kids to look for what good they will get from a seemingly boring/impractical book or subject.

Grace'n'Chaos said...

Yes, I struggle with this too. I agree with Amy, my dh and I, try to have the kids understand that God has given us each roles. One of their 'jobs', as a child, is to learn. The way they choose to learn can be enjoyed & treasured or we can try the 'institutionalized' way of learning. While some of my children don't know what that is, they do imagine what going to school would be like. And that pretty much ends our moments of doubt ... 'till the next time.

Nancy said...

I'm working on it, too. It seems, though, that because of Miss Mason's guidelines, it certainly is something that can happen. I do think that our example is HUGE and we should always model the learning alongside the students. Loved your tie to the Stevenson poem.

Admiration, Hope and Love,