Saturday, October 1, 2011


The kids and I joined a Homeschool group for a field trip last Monday. We saw a cool fort and had lunch on Mantanzas River (the river comes right off the ocean ~ an inlet, I believe they call it). I played with Harrison and Phoebe while the older kids went off with one of the dads to try to reach a sand bar a little ways from shore.

I watched Jonathan and Elizabeth interact on this venture. Elizabeth, being the oldest, is usually the leader of our little family. But she was afraid of stepping on a crab. Jonathan is usually the trepidatious one and would normally stay behind with me and worry about Elizabeth getting too far from shore. But there he was encouraging Elizabeth and leading the way. "Is this where I step, Jon?" "Yea, see, it only comes up to my chest!" They worked so well together and it was so neat to watch their roles reverse. Very heartwarming.

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