Sunday, October 30, 2011

To Stay Home or Not to Stay Home?

Elizabeth was up a lot of the night with a stomach ache. This morning she jumped up and said, "I'm feeling better!" So we started getting ready for church. Then her stomach was hurting again, so she lay on the bed with a bucket near her while I finished getting all of us ready for church. Her stomach was in too much pain, so we loaded in the van to drop two pies off at church for the Pumpkin Patch Party tonight. The van ride must have helped her tummy a little, because when I mentioned stopping at McDonalds for some breakfast, she was all about wanting some hotcakes. So now she's had hotcakes and is up and seems fine. Uuugghh! We'll see how the day progresses as to whether we are able to go to the Pumpkin Patch Party tonight. Here are some cute pictures of the kids this morning though! Phoebe rarely gets her hair curled, so I got lots of those pics to show off since no one at church got to see them. :-(

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