Monday, October 10, 2011

"A Love That Multiplies"

I am fascinated by the Duggar Family (from the TV show 19 Kids and Counting). I read their first book a year or so ago and I just finished their second book A Love that Multiplies. They have a lot of good tips for raising their children and homeschooling and just how to be a happy, fun family. I thought I'd share some good things I read from their book. This first bit gives questions a maturing child can ask themselves when settling on what career to pursue (page 151):

We suggest as they're considering a specific career that they ask themselves, Is this a job that I would enjoy doing for years to come? Is travel going to be involved? Will it take me away from my future family, or will I have to relocate to do this job? Will the job require me to work nights, weekends, or holidays? Will it require me to do anything that would violate my convictions or conscience? How much will this job pay? Do I want to get advanced training now while I'm young to get better pay throughout my career? Is there a creative business I could start that would provide a sufficient income while allowing me to serve others (either trying my own idea or adapting someone else's successful business mode)?

I wrote this down in my Common Book to keep for the kids for later.

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Natalie said...

I am very interested in knowing more about your "common book". How is it organized so you can find things years from now? We could chat over coffee about this. :-)